3 Reasons Treated Timber Framing Is The Best Bet for Your New Home

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3 Reasons Treated Timber Framing Is The Best Bet for Your New Home

22 November 2021
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When building your dream home, you want to guarantee the right materials to help set your home apart from your friends and neighbours. How do you go about choosing the structural material that will hold up the perfect house? While you could leave the decision of selecting wall frames and roof trusses to your builder, the sustainability of materials used, the ever-rising cost of new construction, and new sources of inspiration should be driving factors in your decision-making process. Choosing treated timber wall frames and roof trusses is the best option for a remarkably strong and custom home. Here's why.

Design Flexibility 

Timber wall frames come in various dimensions, outlines, textures, colours, and designs. Simply put, timber framing is the perfect choice for a homeowner who doesn't want limited options when it comes to floor plans, window placements, soaring ceilings, construction materials, and more! Unlike a solid construction, prefabricated timber framing from reputable manufacturers leaves you with an open interior and nearly unlimited design options to craft your new home. Once you order your wall frames and roof trusses, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to designing your floor plan without worrying about structural consequences.

Lower Cost to You and the Environment 

Timber is lighter than other construction materials, meaning lower transportation requirements, resulting in lower emissions. Less wood is also used in timber wall frames than in stud wall structures, translating into reduced cost of construction, not to mention that using a sustainable material contributes to a lower carbon footprint. More so, timber framing is readily available, cheaper than other materials and the construction process creates almost no waste. Design flexibility also facilitates straightforward renovations down the line should your family or needs outgrow your current build.

Excellent Insulation 

Timber materials on walls, roofs, windows, and doors help insulate your home better than other materials available today. A timber framing provides natural thermal insulating properties, allows improved airflow and limits the ability to conduct heat. This means your new home will adapt rapidly and more efficiently to auxiliary heating and cooling, hence reducing energy consumption.

As you can see, there are many advantages of treated timber wall frame construction. If you are new to timber framing, though, consulting experienced builders and manufacturers can greatly enhance your experience from concept to a final walk-through. 

Reach out to a local manufacturing company to learn more about treated timber wall frames.