Should your company install Perspex screens?

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Should your company install Perspex screens?

17 August 2021
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Does your company use glass? Glass has many uses, but it also has several disadvantages. Glass is heavy, and it can easily shatter or break. Have you considered the benefits of using Perspex instead of glass? Perspex screens can perform the same function as glass screens, but they have fewer disadvantages.

What are Perspex screens?

Perspex is a polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) sheet that has been manufactured from a methyl methacrylate monomer (MMA). The resulting sheet is versatile and can be used in many ways. It can be produced in different colours, sizes, and finishes depending upon requirements. Perspex screens are quick to make since Perspex is a simpler material than glass with which to work. Perspex is also 100% recyclable, so it's far better for the environment than glass.

What are the benefits of Perspex screens?

If you have spent much time working with glass, you will know how easy it is for it to become cracked or even to shatter. When it breaks, the glass will leave dangerous glass shards across your shop floor, or later, across your customers' venue, potentially causing injury or harm to many people. Perspex screens are both durable and shock-resistant. They will not shatter, but instead, they can flex to absorb an impact. If your Perspex screens must be portable, then the weight is especially important. Perspex is much lighter than glass of the same thickness, making it easier to move portable screens to create whatever configuration you desire.

How can you use Perspex screens?

Sheets of Perspex can be used in almost any application where glass is commonly used. You might use them for glazing or for framing pictures. Perspex screens could be installed in retail display units or other shop fittings as well as signage. If you want to install screens for hygiene reasons, Perspex is the ideal choice. You can place screens around your business to protect customers and employees from the possibility of infection and to enforce social distancing. The possible ways you could incorporate Perspex screens into your company are almost endless.

To discover more about Perspex screens, talk to a local supplier. They will be delighted to explain the possibilities to you. The supplier can show you how they have worked with Perspex for other customers and what they could do for you. If you have any particularly unique requirements, they will be delighted to work with you to create whatever you need.