Intelligent Ways of Adding Privacy on a Wire Fence

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Intelligent Ways of Adding Privacy on a Wire Fence

22 December 2016
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Wire fences are one of the reliable ways of marking boundaries and controlling movement into and out of your home. You can choose from a range of alternatives, including barbed wires, mesh fences and electric wire fences. Most of these fences are made using aluminium or stainless steel because of the durability and strength that both of these materials can offer. Of importance, however, is not the ability of these fences to regulate movement in your home. Ensuring privacy is another thing that they must bring to the table. Here are some of the intelligent ideas you can use to ensure privacy with wire fencing:

Fence Slats

Fence slats are thin sheets of metal or other material slotted into the cross section of a wire mesh fence. Their job is to enhance privacy and ensure that uninvited onlookers cannot see what is going on in your home. To add on that, fence slats (also called fence inserts) protect the structures on your property from strong winds.

Today, fence salts come in a variety of colours to help you blend them into the overall look and feel in your home.

Live Plants

Did you know that you could also go green with privacy on your fence? Well, there are plants that you can ideally grow around the fence, and their leaves provide the perfect cover within a few months. The first group of plants you can use are referred to as climbers. They have thorns and flexible stems that enable them to hold onto the fence structure as they grow. Good examples of climbers include bougainvillea and poison ivy. Secondly, you can manipulate some tree species like cypress to provide cover over your wire fence. All you need to do is plant them close to each other, like a foot wide, allow them to grow for a few months and them prune the branches regularly to shape them.

Note that using live plants requires regular maintenance such as weeding and spraying them from time to time to control pests. They are not the go-to choice if you barely have time to attend to your fence.

Rolled Fence

A rolled fence features bamboo sticks closely knit together such that it is near impossible to see through the structure. All you have to do is to affix the bamboo structure on your fence using galvanised steel or aluminium binding wire. Unlike the live plants, rolled fences are maintenance free unless the bamboo starts to decay.