Questions You Might Have About Pool Fencing for Your Yard

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Questions You Might Have About Pool Fencing for Your Yard

26 August 2016
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Your home's pool fencing is very important, as you may be legally required to have a fence but, even if not, you want to protect your pool from unwelcome guests and keep your children and pets away from the pool as well. When you're ready to have pool fencing installed in your yard, note a few questions you might have about your different options so you know the best choice.

Will glass fencing break?

Note that the glass used for a pool fence is not as flimsy as you might expect; it's usually tempered, thick glass that is meant to withstand vibration and impact. Someone walking into a glass pool fence is likely to just suffer a bruise but not actually break the fence itself. The glass might not be indestructible if someone were to hit it with a baseball bat, but the material may be shatter-resistant, meaning it simply cracks but doesn't then fall into a hundred dangerous shards.

Does metal fencing rust by a pool?

This is a very good question to consider since a fence around a pool will be exposed to water and the chemicals used in a pool. Aluminum doesn't rust or corrode, so it can be a good choice. For something stronger that doesn't bend as easily, you might opt for steel or wrought iron, but note that it should be powder-coated for protection. This is a type of paint color that is applied as a powder and attached with an electrical charge. This will protect the metal from corrosion.

Will a wood fence rot by a pool?

As with metal, it's good to ask this question because wood isn't always the best choice for a pool. Even when sealed, the water and chemicals from the pool can cause the wood to rot or decay. If you do want a wood fence, be forewarned that it may need consistent sealing and a fresh coat of paint every year, and you may need to eventually replace certain slats and planks no matter how much maintenance you perform.

What is the best fence for security around a pool?

This will depend on your needs for security; if you want to lock up the pool completely, tall glass panes are difficult if not impossible to scale. Metal bars with pointed finials at the top are difficult to scale as well, but a person might reach through the bars to break open the lock.  A chain link fence, even when very tall, may be somewhat easy to climb. Consider each of these features when choosing a pool fence for security.