Do You Know The Truth About Spiral Tubing?

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Do You Know The Truth About Spiral Tubing?

22 August 2016
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Spiral welded piping has been produced for many years. These years of production have led to even more experience for today's producers than the producers had in the beginning. This means that pipes have been produced in an even better format to help you even more with your air conditioning needs. Here are facts about spiral ducting that you may not have known before.

Difficulty in Use

When spiral welded pipe was first produced and used, it did have a few difficulties attached to it. However, over the years, those difficulties have been fixed. In the past, these pipes would have trouble bending. However, as technology has bettered, so has the production of these pipes. The pipes now bend with ease, making corners not a difficult place for installation any longer. Additionally, pipes made in this way have OD tolerance throughout the pipe without any weak areas. While this pipe can be a bit more difficult to weld, the level of difficulty really depends on which type of steel was used in the pipe's production. Compared with other pipes that serve the same purpose, the difficulty is about the same if not easier for spiral welded pipe. Last of all, spiral tubing is not difficult to coat should you need to put a special coating on the outside.

Traditional Use

Some are confused about the traditional use of the pipes, thinking that the pipes are not used often or not important in the air conditioning industry. Actually, that is a myth. Spiral tubing has been built for many years in countries around the globe and used with high satisfaction rates. The making of spiral pipes has a larger capacity than other, similar pipes.


Spiral welded pipes have a large advantage in cost. As shown above, this lowered cost does not indicate lowered effectivity, but by choosing them for your business, you will be paying less. Additionally, spiral tubing boasts the benefit of being able to have a larger diameter without being as expensive. Because it is less expensive, you can get more of spiral pipe than of another kind for the same amount of money.


Spiral welded pipe does its job excellently. It can put up with the same amount of pressure or force that a straight pipe can. Additionally, with the spirally welded pipe, there is a lower stress level even if there is high internal pressure. This means that even with great force, the pipe will perform well.