Types of Pipe Bending Machines You Can Use

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Types of Pipe Bending Machines You Can Use

12 August 2016
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If you are going to be working with tube or pipe bending machines, you will want to know the difference in the several different types of machines available. Knowing the differences will help you select which machines will best fit your needs and which are too complex for your requirements.

Orbital Head Bending Machine

This type of machine is operated with computer controls and specializes in its flexibility. It can produce coils and other rounded parts. Rather than simply bending the tubing, this machine curves the tubing. This type of machine can help you complete the induction pipe bending you would need to install for air conditioners or car parts.

Computer Numerical Controlled Bender

This induction pipe bender assures sufficient productivity and satisfaction with the end product. This machine directs the piping automatically according to the specifications you have entered. Its precision allows it to bend the pipe in complex ways. The machine's makeup allows it to repeat the same operations multiple times without trouble. With some versions, you can even have the machine remember a specific setting if you will be producing the same piece in the future. The above machine is an example of one type of a CNC.

Heat Bending Equipment

This type of machine uses an induction coil in the bend. The induction coil is then heated which helps make the metal easier to manipulate.

Pressure Bending Machines

Moving away from heated manipulation and computer manipulation, you can also bend your pipes using pressure. The pipe is secured on either end, and a weight is used to put pressure on the middle of the pipe. Because of the procedure's simplicity, it is also one of the least expensive induction pipe bending options. This procedure can deform the pipe, causing it to not have perfectly rounded curves. As so, this type of machine should be used for electrical conduit, not situations where precision is necessary.

Hydroforming Equipment

Lastly, this type of bending machine uses fluid pressure. There is a cavity in this machine wherein you place the piece you wish to mold. You then manipulate the machine and retrieve the finished, bent piece. The ram cylinders seal the ends of the tube, and pressure is used within to change the piece's shape. While this machine is not cheap, it can use a single process to form rather unique pieces. If you have specific needs for the way your pipe will be shaped, then this machine may help you fulfill those requirements.