Factors to Consider When Shopping for Polyethylene Builder's Film

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Factors to Consider When Shopping for Polyethylene Builder's Film

12 August 2016
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Polyethylene builders' film is a very versatile product that can be used for a wide range of purposes around the home. This article discusses some of the factors that you should consider when you go shopping for builders' film so that you get what is right for your DIY needs.

The Thickness

Polyethylene builders' film comes in varying degrees of thickness. This thickness is measured in mils or microns. More microns mean that the film is thicker than a sheet or roll that has a lower micron rating. Thicker film will be better able to withstand the stresses of the purpose to which it is put, such as using it to cover an opening in a wall during a renovation project. Film thickness is also likely to have an impact on the price of the product. Thicker film may be more expensive than thinner film. Buy builder's film whose thickness is suited to the project that you wish to use it for. For instance, you can buy the thinnest film available if you need it to cover your furniture.

The Colour

Another key consideration that you should think about is the colour of the film that you would like to buy. Two major colour variations exist. The first one is the clear film. This one is suitable for those who would like light to penetrate the film as it is being used, such as film that is used to form the walls of a greenhouse. Black film also exists for those who do not want light to penetrate the film. This colour of film may be used as extra insulation for a wall. Other colour options may also exist. However, those colours will behave as either black or clear film depending on the degree to which they are transparent.

The Desired Quantity

You should also determine how much film you want to buy before you go shopping. This may require you to measure the surface area that you would like the polyethylene builder's film to cover. You can then multiply that area by the number of layers that you would like to have during the application. This information will help you to determine whether you should buy the film as a roll or a sheet. It is usually more affordable to buy a roll if you will use a large quantity of the film.

The factors above will help you to narrow down your options when you are faced with choosing a specific product from the huge variety available on the market.