Why Install High Speed Rapid Roll Doors on Your Garage

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Why Install High Speed Rapid Roll Doors on Your Garage

5 August 2016
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In years past, high speed rapid roll doors were are a staple for commercial and industrial buildings. As such, homeowners would not consider them, assuming that they are bulky and would not add any aesthetic appeal to the residence. Over the years, though, the design of these doors has been greatly improved, making them a viable option for residential properties. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider installing high speed rapid roll doors on your garage. 

High speed rapid roll doors enhance the security of your home

One of the main reasons why rapid roll doors were favoured by commercial and industrial businesses is the security they would provide the premises. This is because the roller doors are designed to fit snugly within the frame of the entryway. As such, it is difficult for opportunistic burglars to pry their way into the property. Since the garage is a favoured entry point by burglars, installing high speed rapid roll doors will reduce the chances of home intrusions on your premises. 

High speed rapid roll doors enhance the thermal insulation of your home

Another reason to consider high speed rapid roll doors is to improve on the energy efficiency of your home. Having a garage that is attached to your home can make you more susceptible to drafts coming through your garage doors. This in turn can lead to an increase in your air conditioning bills as you strive to keep you residence warm during the colder months. In addition to rapid roll doors fitting snugly within their framing, they also come with weatherproof stripping. This will prevent undue drafts from making their way into your garage and inadvertently into your home. During the colder months, you can also expect your home to have decreased heat loss from your garage doors too!

High speed rapid roller doors provide you with acoustic insulation

There are several reasons why acoustic insulation can be beneficial for your garage. If you use your garage for entertaining or as a workshop, chances are there will be a lot of noise being made in this room. By installing rapid roll doors, you ensure that the cacophony does not affect your neighbours. On the other hand, if you live in a busy neighbourhood teeming with cars and kids and your garage faces the street, keeping your rapid roll doors shut will also keep out the noise from your home.