5 Easy Ways To Reuse Your Old Timber Crates

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5 Easy Ways To Reuse Your Old Timber Crates

4 August 2016
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Timber crates are commonly used to provide protection and better handling to bulky or delicate goods in transit. However, once you have unpacked your consignment, the remaining crate turns dormant and is often disposed of as trash. However, this does not always have to be the case. Below, discover some clever and easy ways to put your used timber crates to use.


Made of wood and already constructed into definite shapes, timber crates can easily be transformed into indoor and outdoor furniture. Turned upside down, most crates can be used as makeshift tables, seats or stools. Piled atop of each other with the open end facing one direction, the crates can create a simple shelving unit. With a little bit of deconstruction, you can also turn your crates into chairs, dog kennels, bed frameworks, and many other creative ideas

Planter boxes

If you have a garden outside or would love to have one, timber crates can easily be turned into planter boxes. All you have to do is line the inside of the crate with a plastic lining. This will help trap the contents and prevent water from seeping out. Once done, add soil, mulching, and water. Your planter box is now ready and you can use it to grow fruits, flowers or trees.


If you do not wish to construct anything using your timber crates, you can turn them into firewood. All you have to do is deconstruct the crates using a hammer. Remove the nails and pile the wood pieces somewhere to dry. Come winter, you can burn these in your furnace or fire pit to stay warm while saving yourself some money at the same time.


Another easy use for used timber crates is storage. Initially, these crates are used to put things in them. Even now, you can still use them to store your items around the house or garage. For example, you can use them to store books. Alternatively, you can use them to store clothes, old toys, tools, unused junk, etc. With their sturdy structure and side handles, these crates are ideal for loading and carrying items.


If you have a lot of timber crates with you such that you cannot reuse them all by yourself, you can also resell them back to crate manufacturers. If the crates are still in good condition, the manufacturer could reuse them. This recycling move allows you to make some money and conserve the environment. In turn, the manufacturer gets to reduce their production costs and time..