Why Plastic Pallets Would Be Ideal For Your Business

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Why Plastic Pallets Would Be Ideal For Your Business

3 August 2016
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When it comes to storage and transportation, the most traditional material used to facilitate the securing of products was wooden pallets. However, as the demands of the manufacturing and transportation industries have grown, there has been a shift toward the use of biodegradable materials and plastics to meet the requirements of these industries. Nevertheless, some business owners may be holding on to their wooden pallets simply because they do not know how plastic pallets may be advantageous to their operations. Here are some of the reasons why plastic pallets would be ideal for your business. 

Plastic pallets promote a healthy and safe workplace

When wooden pallets are new, they are quite sturdy and structurally sound. However, heavy usage eventually leads to the disrepair of wooden pallets in the form of components of the pallets coming loose. Additionally, the staff that handle the pallets also stand the risk of being exposed to splintering, rusty nails, jagged edges of wood and more. This poses a serious risk of work-related injuries. With plastic pallets, you are enhancing the safety of the work environment. Since these pallets are not made of multiple pieces, they are not susceptible to breaking and injuring your employees. This makes them a better option for any work environment. 

Plastic pallets have consistent strength in relation to their size

One of the main aspects to consider when using pallets for your business is the innate strength of the pallet. Wooden pallets comprise of multiple different parts. These different parts are at risk of acquiring damage individually and this in turn can lead to an inconsistency of the pallet's strength. If you do not notice this inconsistency in due time, you could risk damage to your goods in the event that the pallets collapse due to the weight they are carrying. Plastic pallets on the other hand, are moulded rather than constructed. This eliminates the need for various structural components. As such, plastic pallets not only have consistent strength in relation to their size, but are less likely to succumb to structural damage. 

Plastic pallets can withstand a myriad of environmental conditions

If you have invested in wooden pallets, you would have to take measures to ensure that they are not exposed to conditions that would accelerate their demise. For instance, exposure to moisture can lead to your pallets warping and buckling over time. This atmospheric moisture coupled with improper ventilation can also lead to rot. Plastic pallets, on the other hand, are resistant to moisture, temperature changes and more.