Five Supplies That Can Make Truck Driving Less of a Pain: Ideas for Drivers With Back Aches

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Five Supplies That Can Make Truck Driving Less of a Pain: Ideas for Drivers With Back Aches

2 August 2016
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Working as a truck driver can be hard on your bum and back. Tired of cramps, aches and pains forcing you to pull over? Looking for ways to get more comfortable in your seat? Well, there are several things that can help. Take a look at these ideas:

1. New Seat Suspension

If your seat is bouncing around as you drive, those bumps and hits can be hard on your back. To make your ride more comfortable, consider adding a new suspension seat to your truck. These seats augment the suspension on your truck, causing your seat itself to absorb the bumps so your back doesn't have to.

2. Cushion

If you're not ready to invest in a new seat or if you don't own the truck and your boss isn't ready to buy a suspension seat, you may want to invest in a cushion. Focus on the area where you have the most pain. For example, if your lower back aches, get a cushion that supports your lumbar region. If your buttocks or sciatic nerve ache, get a cushion to place on your truck's seat under your bum.

Try a few different cushions to see what appeals most to you. There are foam cushions that conform to your shape, inflatable cushions with a bit more give and supportive gel-filled cushions.

3. Neck Massager

Keep in mind that the back is connected to the neck, and if you are straining your neck into uncomfortable positions as you drive, that pain can journey through your back into your hips, legs and even feet. To support your neck, consider investing in a neck pillow with a massaging element. The massage will also help you relax on the road, and as you release built up tension, your body is less likely to harbour aches and pains.

4. Back Massager

In lieu of just massaging your neck, give your entire body a break with a full-size seat massager. These items fit over the entire seat, and they often incorporate cushions. With a touch of a button, you can receive a massage on your upper thighs, lower back, buttocks or anything else touching the massager. If you like, you can also get a massager that includes heating elements to warm and loosen your muscles.

5. Tyre Pressure Gauge

If you are uncomfortable in your truck seat, there are other options besides getting a new suspension seat, a cushion or a massager. You can also address the issue from outside your truck. In particular, invest in a tyre gauge. That allows you to check the pressure of your tyres—they need to be at the recommended level of pressure in order to reduce the road shocks that get sent to the cab. If they are over or under inflated, your ride won't be as comfortable