Different Pallet Wrapping Machines Based on Requirements

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Different Pallet Wrapping Machines Based on Requirements

15 March 2016
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If you own a company or business, and you are looking to buy a pallet wrapping machine, it is important to understand that each machine is designed to meet specific priorities, demands and applications. While some are meant to wrap pallets that are stable, others are designed for the more unstable ones. Therefore, having a precise idea of what you want from your pallet wrapping machine will help you to pick the right model and type. There are three types of this machine, and they include:

Turntable wrapper - This type of pallet wrapping machine functions by stretching the wrapping film around the load. As the wrapping film reels around, the pallet is rotated on the turntable. The turntable wrapper is thus known as a basic pallet wrapping machine because it is suited to low and medium speed application and stable loads. One characteristic of the turntable wrapper is that there is a limit to the weight and height of a pallet. With this pallet wrapping machine, the maximum height is usually 2.5m. Therefore, when your business wants to wrap loads that are taller than 2.5m, the turntable pallet wrapper will not do the job. The major advantage with the turntable wrapper is that it needs little commitment and planning to operate. This type of pallet wrapping machine is used for pallets with stable loads as mentioned before.

Rotating arm - If your business deals with wrapping pallets that are unstable, then the rotating arm wrapper will suit your application. The major difference between this pallet wrapping machine and the other is that the previous one has a rotating pallet while the latter has a stationary pallet. Therefore, the wrapping is done by the rotating arm of the machine. The rotating arm pallet wrapping machine can automatically attach the film as well as cut it. If you are looking to wrap so many pallets per day, then this is the wrapping machine to purchase. It prioritizes speed and can wrap up to 60 pallets in one hour. 

Ring - The ring pallet wrapper is the third pallet wrapping machine you can go for if you are looking to wrap between 100 to 120 pallets per hour. This type is, therefore, more suited for busy warehouses. Ring wrappers are, however, the more expensive type because they need intense maintenance and require a certain degree of expertise to operate. As such, you need an employee who knows how to run this type of pallet wrapping machine to avoid accidents and delays.