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If you work in the manufacturing industry, you may need a few tips to make your job more efficient. Similarly, if you are a consumer of industrial items, you may also want some buying ideas, safety tips, product comparisons and more. Hello. My name is Dorothy Lee, and this niche fascinates me, so I decided to start a blog about it. I hope to answer your most important questions and possibly even answer some questions you didn't know you had. I am mum and a freelance writer, and I have one daughter who recently started uni. I love to research a range of things and pull from my own experiences to create unique blogs that will appeal to a range of different people.


The Four Main Methods of Laser Cutting

4 January 2023
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Laser cutting is a very efficient and accurate method of cutting metal to your specifications. There are several ways of doing this, although all of them involve using a highly focused laser to cut the metal. Fusion Cutting This first type of laser cutting uses the laser to partially melt the piece of metal in order to cut it. The laser is used alongside an inert gas that forces the molten metal away from the rest of the sheet, leaving a clean cut in the shape that you want it. Read More …